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              Deceptive responsibility in the fight against the epidemic

              In the face of the fierce new crown pneumonia epidemics, the Quanyuan Pharmaceutical leaders earnestly fulfilled, with the former command, on February 3, 2020, rapidly established the epidemic prevention and control work leading group, made a series of prevention and control measures, requirements All units of the company have worked in the fight against epidemic.

              The company has accepted the promotion of employees to respond to epidemic, and do a good job in the publicity and popularization of epidemic protection knowledge. The company has regulated prevention and control regional personnel and related situations every day and summarizes the report. The company has strengthened access control management to the office area and production area, and it is strictly implemented in the production area, and has a production area, office area, employee dormitory, staff restaurant and other public areas. The company has strengthened the food procurement management of the restaurant, and the restaurant took dismalcress (boxed) during the epidemic prevention and control, dispersed, and the personnel gathered, causing cross-infection.

              In order to ensure the normal operation of the company's system safe production, each department is arranged by the department to arrange the elastic working system, as much as possible. In the early days of the epidemic, in order to protect the epidemic prevention of the first-line employee, the company wants to worry, urgent workers, in the case of the hood supply in the market, I want to purchase a mask for the first-line employee, meet the employee epidemic prevention needs . The company arranges personnel every night to investigate, timely, accurately grasp the physical condition and return of employees, and returning to employees, and all resident isolation observation is 14 days.

              As of now, there is no suspected pneumonia in the company's employees, and there is no medical isolation observer.

              While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the company is highly concerned about the development of the epidemic, responding to the call of the government, rapid response, actively active, donated 300,000 yuan to the Yongning County People's Government on February 3, 2020. Antibacterial anti-viral drug, help the epidemic prevention and control of the first-line medical institution, show the social responsibility and family feelings of drug production enterprises with practical actions, to win the power of this epidemic to stop the power.

              On March 13th, the company's party committee launched a donation initiative within the scope of the post. A total of 180 party members (including two retired party members) participated in the donation activities, and received a donation of 19,720 yuan. The company's party office has transferred all donations to the designated account of the Party Crafts Committee of the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau. The majority of party members practiced the initiality and mission with practical actions, and established the pioneer model image of the Communists.

              In front of the epidemic, there is no "state-owned" and "private". The Quanyuan Pharmaceutical will be closely concerned about the development of the epidemic, actively fulfill social responsibility, actively support and cooperate with the government, the epidemic prevention and control of the community, and the county, the city, the whole district, the people in the country, the people are working together, and the hardships are hard, help Win this epidemic prevention and control and attack war.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Chen Shengxiang


              Qiyuan Pharmaceutical donated 300,000 yuan worth of medicines to Yongning County People's Government

              In late January 2020, a pneumonia epidemic caused by a new type of coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, Hubei, and spread to the whole country. The situation is grim, touching the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. As a local pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Ningxia Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. responded to the government's call and showed love to the people of its hometown. On February 3, 2020, it donated 300,000 yuan worth of anti-febrile, antibacterial and antiviral drugs to the Yongning County People’s Government , Used for epidemic prevention and control in front-line medical institutions.


              In line with the principle of unified deployment and timely regulation of the use of donated items, relevant personnel of Yongning County Government worked on site, and company personnel actively cooperated. Within half an hour, the drugs were dispatched to Yongning County People's Hospital.



              Qiyuan Pharmaceutical launches "Caring for the Disabled, Sending Warmth in Winter"

              In order to further deepen the education on the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission", promote the core values of socialism, and reflect the society's care for the disabled and disadvantaged groups, the Party Branch of Qiyuan Guo (Medical) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced on December 20, 2019 Party members of the Japanese organization walked into the Yinchuan Special Education Center and launched a party day event with the theme of "Sending Warmth in Cold Winter". A total of 37 party members participated in this event.





              Under the leadership of the school's principal Luo, the branch party members walked into each class, had patient exchanges with the children, and had discussions with the school and student representatives. After the forum, Qiyuan State (Medical) Pharmaceutical Party Branch donated part of the school's students and sports supplies on behalf of the company, and sent them warmth and care. The donated items were purchased with 3,600 yuan from the prize money awarded by the branch of the National Pharmaceutical Company in 2017 in the "Two Learning and One Doing" activity.

              "Donate a thing, leave a love." The launching of this warm-hearted activity is a deep integration of party building in the enterprise and assistance in difficulties, giving full play to the spirit of responsibility of branch party members, promoting humanitarianism, advocating the concept of friendship and mutual assistance, and helping the disabled. Good social customs, promote the care and understanding of disabled groups from all walks of life, work together to help the development of the disabled, and better serve the disabled.


              Ningxia Qiyuan Sinopharm Care for the Elderly Health Activity

              On the afternoon of January 22, 2019, the “Caring for the Elderly’s Health” activity jointly organized by Qiyuan Sinopharm and Lanshan Care was held at Yuehai Elderly Service Center. Qiyuan Sinopharm donated Qirong tablets produced by the company to the elderly in Yuehai Nursing Home. Based on the physical characteristics of the elderly, Lu Jun, the training director of the marketing department, explained the prevention of common winter diseases and the use of medicines for the elderly in the elderly service center, and answered the questions raised by the elderly and nurses one by one.


              Walk into the community and care for health

              On the morning of March 7, 2019, the marketing department of the pharmaceutical company held a health knowledge lecture in Wenbo Jinyuan Community, Xixia District. The training supervisor Lu Jun patiently explained the knowledge of commonly used drugs such as combination medication and colds. The residents listened carefully, and some aunts even took notes carefully.

              By giving lectures on medication knowledge and health in the community, people will learn more about Qiyuan brand products, from everyone to each family, and gradually expand the brand effect, and the demand terminal will drive sales.


              Pay attention to environmental protection work and strive to build a green environmental protection

              The company earnestly implements the new national "Environmental Protection Law", firmly implements the corporate environmental management concept of "clean production and green development", and actively pursues the harmony between development and the environment. The company has invested a total of more than 900 million yuan to establish and improve the company’s "three wastes" treatment system to ensure that all types of pollutants meet the discharge standards. It is at the forefront of similar companies in energy conservation, environmental protection, and circular economy, and promotes sustainable development .

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